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Release Of Papyrus AFP Viewer

In product on October 27, 2009 at 3:09 am

Today ISIS Papyrus is proud to announce the release of the new Papyrus AFP Viewer as free browser plug-in. This is a direct result of the collaboration with the global printing and imaging industry’s AFP Consortium (AFPC) for the benefit of the entire IT community.

The many advantages of AFP (Advanced Function Presentation) in high-volume printing are described here. The Papyrus AFP Viewer can be downloaded from the ISIS Papyrus website. A preview of the Papyrus AFP viewer is available here.

Tech Updates for TransPromo and ADF

In key function, product, solution on May 7, 2009 at 8:39 am

Just in time for the Open House events in Vienna, Austria and Southlake, TX, technical updates on TransPromo and the Automated Document Factory (ADF) have been released. As reported earlier, ISIS Papyrus leads the innovative edge in these areas which are critical for customer-oriented enterprises with high-volume document production requirements.

Transpromo and ADF are two application frameworks defined for the Papyrus Platform. They can be used independently or as elements of a consolidated communications and process infrastructure that is the target for the Papyrus Platform. In difference to Java-coded component solutions the Papyrus Frameworks are easy to maintain as they do not contain any Java-code, and they are easily adapted using the Template functionality of WebRepository.

The consolidated approach of Papyrus enables seamless functional cooperation of otherwise distinct products such as ECM, BPM or CRM that would have to be linked up by means of SOA. The problem is that this usually requires the development of new business processes and new user interfaces while in Papyrus that is not the case. With Papyrus EYE the business can define the user interfaces as required, record and train the processes, and write the relevant business rules. Papyrus empowers the business user in a completely new and transparent way.

Transpromo Delivers Increased Returns

In benefits, product, solution on April 15, 2009 at 6:48 pm

The combination of transactional documents like statements or bills and promotional material, in short: Transpromo, is an efficient vehicle to raise customer attention with targeted offers for increased loyalty and profitability.

ISIS Papyrus has covered the underlying functionality of highly-personalized top quality documents for quite some time before Transpromo became a catch phrase. This innovative edge is now proven again by the ready-to-go Transpromo framework that comes with the Papyrus Platform. Making use of the revolutionary Papyrus EYE User Interface and the unsurpassed ADF capabilities of the Papyrus Platform this solution demonstrates just how far you can go in customer-oriented marketing.

The upcoming ISIS Papyrus Open House is the ideal opportunity to see live demos not only of Transpromo but of all other highlights built around the unique business architecture of the new Papyrus Platform.

ISIS Papyrus Excels in ADF, Study Says

In benefits, general, solution on April 9, 2009 at 10:39 am
Papyrus ADF Dashboard

Papyrus ADF Dashboard

The ISIS Papyrus Business Communication & Process Platform addresses the consolidation of fragmented  applications by dynamically managing content and processes. For a global enterprise this means linking systems, applications and staff that are spread around the world and busy around the clock.  Papyrus Platform delivers advanced functionality in a broad range of enterprise applications which are artificially segmented into ECM, DAM, CRM, BPM and so on. This has also been recognized by a recent study from leading research firm Strategy Partners.

Their study covered specifically the modules of the Automated Document Factory and was appropriately called “Innovation in Automated Document Process Management“. Their most prominent conclusion was that ISIS Papyrus is the sole software vendor who covers all the modules of the ADF 2.0 and therefore provides complete independence of any hardware or operating system. Study author Oscar Dubbeldam will reveal background information at the ISIS Papyrus Open House and User Conference. There will also be presentations and live demonstrations of ADF and other applications, discussions with management and solution architects from ISIS Papyrus, networking opportunities and much more you would not want to miss.