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User-Trained Agent in V7

In new feature, solution on April 17, 2009 at 9:41 am
Real-Time Dashboard Chart for UTA

Real-Time Chart for UTA

The User-Trained Agent (UTA) enables the business user to gradually design a workflow by training. This kind of training is not suited for the sequential entry of data and threshold values. In conventional workflow systems developers have to provide this functionality via forms, script logic and business rule systems plus the programming of complex interfaces.

The Papyrus WebRepository lets the user create metadata definitions for interactive Activity Recording (AR) and the entry of business rules in natural language without the need for scripts and without programming efforts. The integrated authorization features restrict the creation and editing of business rules to users with appropriate rights and make sure that execution of the rules is strictly within the boundaries of user roles. The UTA can be trained to perform activities but their scope is limited by defined business rules.

NLR – Natural Language Rules

In new feature on April 17, 2009 at 9:36 am

Business users need to quickly and easily add and modify business rules for the processes that they own to either comply with changes in market conditions, business principles or regulation. The Papyrus Query Language (PQL) of the Papyrus Platform is extremely powerful but was not designed to be used by business users. The NLR Editor provides the business user with single-edit-line rule entry that enables clear text, syntax free entry of business rules that are structured according to predefinable rule patterns. The NLR Editor uses the context of the business case as functional scope and will suggest access to metadata attributes based on that context. The user can neither access data that he is not authorized for nor can he make a mistake in using attribute names. The rules are entered in a national language of choice supported by the translation collection and stored in a language independent format. Rules can be entered in one language and edited in another as long as the rule keywords are available in the Papyrus WebRepository translation collection. The executable format of the NLR is a PQL rule object and is therefore fully compatible with normal PQL scripts.

Papyrus Activity Recorder V7

In new feature on April 17, 2009 at 9:20 am

The Activity Recorder (AR) lets users automatically add routine activities like the addition of new customers or the changes of customer data to the context of a business case. This makes complex scripting of forms and the underlying logic dispensable. Once activities have been recorded users may modify and fine-tune them. Changes in the metadata object of the repository are considered automatically and therefore running the AR requires no changes to the activity as such. The GUI language of the activity is activated at the same time as the translation functionality of the Papyrus WebRepository. Activities are provided as generic functions in a library or assigned to an abject type as tooltip method. As all activities are executed along the same principle users need no extra training for certain forms.

Transpromo Delivers Increased Returns

In benefits, product, solution on April 15, 2009 at 6:48 pm

The combination of transactional documents like statements or bills and promotional material, in short: Transpromo, is an efficient vehicle to raise customer attention with targeted offers for increased loyalty and profitability.

ISIS Papyrus has covered the underlying functionality of highly-personalized top quality documents for quite some time before Transpromo became a catch phrase. This innovative edge is now proven again by the ready-to-go Transpromo framework that comes with the Papyrus Platform. Making use of the revolutionary Papyrus EYE User Interface and the unsurpassed ADF capabilities of the Papyrus Platform this solution demonstrates just how far you can go in customer-oriented marketing.

The upcoming ISIS Papyrus Open House is the ideal opportunity to see live demos not only of Transpromo but of all other highlights built around the unique business architecture of the new Papyrus Platform.