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New Paper Examines Excellence in Business Correspondence

In benefits on November 29, 2011 at 8:26 am

ISIS Papyrus has released a new technical update on Business Correspondence. As reported earlier, independent studies, various analyst researches, and overwhelming user feedback demonstrate that ISIS Papyrus leads the innovative edge in an area which is critical for customer-oriented enterprises with highly interactive requirements.

Business Correspondence is an application framework defined for the Papyrus Platform and using its adaptive capabilities for business process management and enterprise communications. It can be used independently or as element of a consolidated communications and process infrastructure that is the target for the Papyrus Platform. Other than hard-coded component solutions Papyrus Frameworks are easy to maintain as they do not contain any custom code and they are easily adapted using the inbuilt functionality without the heavy cost of changing flow-charted processes and rigid workflows. Featuring Papyrus EYE Widgets and Correspondence Wizards business users and administrators have powerful tools for defining different workplaces and user interfaces as required, for recording, training and re-using processes and decision patterns as well as defining relevant business rules without the need of lengthy upfront analysis and modeling. Papyrus empowers the business user in a completely new and transparent way by providing both the means to reach specific goals and effective guidance.

Other aspects illustrate the practical implementation of ACM with the consolidated approach of the Papyrus Platform. It provides a comprehensive, flexible and scalable solution for the consolidated management of inbound and outbound communications and enables seamless functional cooperation of otherwise distinct products such as ECM, BPM or CRM. It allows organizations to define, measure and manage process, content and data in complex service environments with a single shared customer view for ultimate transparency.

Growing Business Correspondence Requires Integrated Solutions

In solution, system management on September 24, 2009 at 1:01 am

With growing business correspondence across multiple channels the need for a centralized solution to control all incoming and outgoing communication from a single point of contact has never been more acute. Corporations require a solution that minimizes manual processing by automatic classification and extraction of vital information from incoming mail on paper, fax, e-mail and application messages. Business rules are essential for automatic routing to a business department or user to create a personalized response.

Conventional correspondence systems typically use multiple applications to capture the relevant information. Responding to correspondence can therefore require a user to access or enter data on various screens across multiple business systems. The complexity of those systems often affects accuracy and important information is entered incorrectly or is not entered at all. Customer care databases are not integrated with customer databases the business uses. There is no flexibility in adding or changing customer contact information.

ISIS Papyrus addresses these and other shortcomings by integrating incoming and outgoing correspondence during the following steps:

  • Reception of input
  • Classification
  • Extraction
  • Rule-based processing:
    – Fully automated response
    – Manual response
    – Automated response with user intervention
  • Interface to CRM system
  • Sign-off
  • Printing/mailing/e-mailing response

Solutions from ISIS Papyrus are capable to locate all customer records and and record all user activities. Customer folders include all communications to and from the customer with each case attached to the customer file. Direct interfaces to all business systems allow synchronized customer information and the optimization of all customer-facing processes.