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Adaptive Case Management at AG Insurance

In general, markets on May 26, 2010 at 2:48 am

ISIS Papyrus announced that AG Insurance, a subsidiary of ageas (formerly Fortis SA/NV) has selected the ISIS Papyrus Platform for adaptive case management (ACM) to enhance Insurance services (claims, underwriting and general services) and resolution in several business lines.

AG Insurance is implementing the Papyrus Business Communications and Process Platform, with rollout beginning in summer 2010, to support a company-wide project.

“The Papyrus approach to fully integrated customer communications aligns perfectly with our business and technology requirements,” said the program sponsor of AG Insurance. “We look forward to rolling out an advanced case management solution that will meet our operational goals and lead to both enhanced performance and increased customer satisfaction.”

Ideal for implementing an integrated solution for communications across different systems on several platforms, the Papyrus Platform will help AG Insurance drive the consolidation of current platforms to reduce complexity and cost and improve time-to-market.

“AG Insurance and its parent company ageas are known for being progressive and innovative organizations in the financial sector that have achieved success by maintaining a focus on creating the best experience for their customers,” said Annemarie Pucher, CEO of ISIS Papyrus Software. “The Papyrus Platform offers a win-win for AG Insurance, ensuring that the Insurance staff and system can respond, react and adapt efficiently to meet the diverse and changing needs of customers without sacrificing on quality, speed or compliance.”

As the implementation is completed in each business unit, AG Insurance will use the Papyrus Business Communications and Process Platform to optimize processes, tasks, communications and documents across a wide range of insurance activities.

Automated Customer Communications With A Personal Touch

In general, solution on September 22, 2009 at 1:38 am

For organizations with high-volume production of customer communications it is vital to have efficient and cost-effective processes in place. ISIS Papyrus solutions have long addressed this need to leverage mission-critical transactional document production and provided global enterprise clients among others with the following benefits:

  • Cost reduction and ensured compliance
  • Seamless integration with existing applications
  • Centralized management of all document resources
  • Job level control functions for all printers across all platforms
  • Intelligent document routing and scheduling
  • Secure e-billing and e-presentment

However, with the increasing notion that transactional documents are a valuable touchpoint with customers they are viewed differently than before. Organizations are becoming more and more aware that customers respond to personalized documents decisively better than to generic messages inserted in their mail or sent out in bulk. Therefore data integration and analytics, advanced document composition, a single customer view and closed-loop processes to measure customer response become increasingly important.

Again ISIS Papyrus addresses this need to integrate large-scale document production with highly efficient campaigns to streamline all organizational processes for customer-facing documents. ISIS Papyrus has developed various quick-start Application Frameworks that allow the enterprise to achieve fundamental goals of creating and expanding customer loyalty, increasing revenue and optimize operations. ISIS Papyrus Frameworks consist of standard software components and can therefore be easily integrated without costly customization to deliver the following benefits:

  • Approach defined target groups with 1:1 personalized mail shots
  • Design sophisticated promotions reflecting the interest of the recipient
  • Achieve shorter time-to-market and promotional cycles
  • Enable campaign management and customer care processes
  • Improve efficiency within the direct marketing activities
  • Optimize customer contact center service delivery

ISIS Papyrus Sponsors Xplor Event In Boston

In event on September 11, 2009 at 7:55 am

ISIS Papyrus is proud to sponsor the 2009 Xplor Document University (XDU) program labeled On the Road and will participate in the Boston, MA, event on October 22, which is themed Trends in Customer Communications.

The program focuses on the following topics which are crucial for any organization:

  • How to drive response to transactional documents
  • How to reduce costs related to customer communications
  • How to increase customer retention and loyalty

The program is for corporate document strategists, executives in operations and IT, business owners, content developers and anyone interested in understanding the impact of emerging applications on customer communications.

ISIS Papyrus, which is widely recognized for its eminent role in the field of customer communications and business processes, is pleased to seize the opportunity for giving first-hand insights into its unique business architecture. Over 2,000 clients worldwide use the underlying concept to optimize their inbound and outbound content and to automate and streamline the related processes by linking people, information, and applications across geographically distributed, organizational functions and helping business users to fulfill strategic corporate goals.

TransPromo: Enhancing The Customer Experience And Saving Costs

In solution on September 9, 2009 at 7:41 am

The advantages of TransPromo as a strategic marketing instrument in terms of customer retention, loyalty and increased revenue are widely recognized today. The TransPromo solutions from ISIS Papyrus have helped large organizations for over a decade to create highly personalized targeted promotional messages in transaction documents like bank statements, phone bills and invoices. With full color onserts they deliver attractive documents with timely and relevant information and save on paper and postage.

The Papyrus Campaign/TransPromo Manager provides all the tools to easily take integrated customer communications one step further and add more touchpoints to enhance the user experience and to create real multi-channel campaigns for further cost savings. Papyrus draws on an organization’s data from various information silos and brings together customer purchase history, CRM data, marketing and sales resources, customer credit history and native language for effective messaging in print, via e-mail or for Web presentment.

The automated response workflow then allows to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign and triggers appropriate responses. Customer representatives have a single view of all customer-related documents and processes and can dedicate their efforts completely to customer-facing issues.

ISIS Named As Leader In Dynamic Enterprise Publishing

In analyst report on August 25, 2009 at 7:06 am

Independent researchers from IDC have analyzed the market for dynamic enterprise publishing (DEP) software and named ISIS Papyrus as a leader in this field for consistent, efficient and cost effective document generation. The report called Worldwide Dynamic Enterprise Publishing Software 2009–2013 Forecast and Analysis: Customer Correspondence, Transpromo, and Multichannel Publishing Drive Growth provides a positive market outlook as organizations seek solutions for multichannel publishing, transpromo, and high-fidelity, personalized communications that increase customer engagement and spur revenue growth.

“DEP solutions play to three of the key drivers for IT spend, all of which affect the bottom line, including cost reduction, compliance, and new revenue generation,” said Melissa Webster, program vice president, Content and Digital Media Technologies at IDC.

ISIS Papyrus is well positioned in this area because it efficiently links inbound and outbound content to the relevant processes and helps organizations to create effective customer communications and to streamline the associated business processes across functional barriers for improved costumer care, retention and growth.

Background of DOCCM

In analyst report, markets on July 30, 2009 at 7:57 am

As reported earlier, a Forrester Research report on Document Output For Customer Communications (DOCCM) yielded excellent results for ISIS Papyrus and concluded that its vision in this area by far exceeds that of other vendors.

Forrester defines the term DOCCM as follows: Software used to compose, format, personalize, and distribute content to support physical and electronic customer communications and improve the customer experience.

The report then describes three application needs as part of DOCCM:

  • Structured Output runs in batches, often in large volumes. Structured output is scheduled, consistently formatted, and sent as part of a service relationship (much like phone bills and brokerage statements); it also includes batch digital or offset print runs.
  • Interactive Output marries custom content or data with preset structure. Interactive output requires the human touch, often matching variable customer data with structured forms or templates, providing a more individualized output; examples include customer correspondence and negotiated documents like group insurance policies or derivative and margin contracts“.
  • On-Demand Output is triggered by multichannel requests. Events from the Web, fax, phone, email, transactional systems, or enterprise applications drive on-demand output, and on-demand events may also be initiated by a human being via a keystroke, as in call center correspondence.

As all these areas are very well covered by the Papyrus Platform business architecture with its concept of consolidated processes in the context of inbound and outbound content the positive results come as little surprise. To read this interesting report in detail request your copy now from ISIS Papyrus.