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Efficient Case Management With Papyrus Frameworks

In product, solution on September 1, 2009 at 8:27 am

The ISIS Papyrus website has interesting new material explaining how organizations can easily and quickly use the power of Papyrus Application Frameworks to boost their productivity with efficient management and automation of their business cases. This is accomplished by an integrated end-to-end solution combining data, business processes and rules, content management and customer communications in a single platform.

As previously reported, Papyrus Application Frameworks use the integrated Papyrus Communication and Process Platform with standard Papyrus software components. Part of the Papyrus Platform is also the revolutionary Papyrus EYE, which provides an identical GUI, behavior and features across browser and fat client for all applications without any additional programming. Of course it also benefits from integrated security, audit trail, version management, and change and release management built into the Papyrus Platform.

For more details on Papyrus case management and how it is applied for claims management continue reading here.

Papyrus Framework for Campaign Management

In product, solution on August 4, 2009 at 2:38 am

Recently we reported about ISIS Papyrus Application Frameworks and their role in boosting process automation and efficiency. Today we have a closer look at the Papyrus Framework for Campaign Management and TransPromo.

The TransPromo Campaign Management Framework is a quick-start application to effectively create highly targeted and personalized marketing messages in transactional documents such as bank statements or phone bills. This powerful combination gives your message more attention than it would usually get if it were sent separately.

Based on the Papyrus Platform and its unique Business Architecture Papyrus Application Frameworks integrate all inbound and outbound content with the related processes, linking people, information and applications across geographically distributed organizational functions.  In addition, the Papyrus Campaign Management Framework provides sophisticated design tools for document creation and document composition, response management and multi-channel output management to take customer care processes to all-new levels.