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The Elements of Empowerment

In benefits on June 15, 2011 at 8:54 am

The need for the empowerment of business users becomes ever more apparent in modern workplaces and numerous studies prove that it is indispensable when it comes to the effective and efficient support of high-value processes and decision making. Yet the very concept of empowerment itself is repeatedly questioned because there are unclear notions of its meaning and its scope.

However, a good understanding of empowerment and how to use IT to enable knowledge work and innovation is crucial for an organization’s competitive edge. Only businesses that manage to use technology as an innovation enabler are shooting past those that control IT and/or processes by using governance, centers of excellence and best practices. Therefore empowerment for business users centers around the following:

  • Authority
  • Goals
  • Means

What does it mean in detail? Authority for the business user must be within precise boundaries of a business architecture, business rules and security requirements. But there must be a degree of freedom for the social business process network of a business to produce outcomes within clearly defined and transparent goals. Achieving these goals and providing the necessary transparency again requires adequate means in terms of management guidance and technology to turn knowledge into perceived value for the customer. As this includes monitoring and auditing it reaches beyond basic collaboration, email or social enterprise tools. This kind of empowerment that produces results for the business rather needs tools to provide for continuous process improvement by easily adapting to changing business needs instead of flowcharted process models with substantial governance overhead.

Adaptive Paradigm Unleashed at ISIS Open House 2011

In event on March 8, 2011 at 9:24 am

ISIS Papyrus is pleased to announce this year’s open house and user conferences to start at the ISIS headquarters in Vienna, Austria, from May 1-3, and Southlake, Texas, from May 15-17, respectively.

Registration for these exciting events is now open. Other venues include Kingsclere in the UK and Ivrea in Italy. We will present all the details as they evolve.

In 2010, process management has been amended with the aspects and needs of social networks extended with mobile access. That alone is a departure from the usual control-mindset of BPM. But social and mobile communication improvements alone do not improve governance. Beyond the market hype there is acceptance that content, process and customer relationship management are not only related but must be consolidated to provide a completely customer-focused solution.

ISIS Papyrus sees the empowerment of knowledge workers crucial for most functional content or process needs. Therefore there is an embedded approach to long-term governing processes.

The ADAPTIVE paradigm is about a globally encompassing process technology approach linked to business architecture and strategy. That architectural structure enables the focus on individual goals and outcomes as an embedded functionality of the empowerment technology, while being guided by the business strategy. The ADAPTIVE paradigm needs technology empowerment similar to SOCIAL and MOBILE, but in contrast provides top-down and bottom-up transparency.