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Shifting Process Ownership For Consistent Communications

In benefits, solution on October 13, 2009 at 2:18 am

Research into consumer behavior time and again confirms that consistent customer communication is a major key for companies to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and to boost revenue. Most people feel annoyed when receiving unclear communications that lacks personal context. The effects are costly because of possible increases in customer care calls and of companies failing to build a stable relationship with their customer base.

There are a variety of factors contributing to inconsistent communications. One of the most pressing problems is that by continually creating corporate documents from scratch, companies run the risk of producing external and internal communications that lack consistency in style, appearance, and, worse still, message. In addition, the need for variants for gender, languages, brand, branches or for new channels such as e-mail, web page, blogs or RSS feeds causes exponentially growing problems.

Another big issue for business and marketing users is continuing dependency on IT. Simple changes in text or layout for marketing messages, legal disclaimers, logos or even a new contract template can end up taking months and is potentially more costly than the business value.

The ISIS Papyrus Platform addresses these problems by giving business and marketing users control of their own processes and by reducing their dependency on IT. Customer facing staff are given the complete picture covering customer records for any outgoing or incoming communication and processing steps while all communications are automatically linked for storage in a case file. This opens the way to real multi-channel communications, reduces time-to-market, enables re-use and results in improved customer satisfaction and efficient daily operations.

ISIS Papyrus Sponsors IBM Event

In event on September 17, 2009 at 7:46 am

ISIS Papyrus is proud to sponsor the 2009 IBM Information on Demand event which is held in Las Vegas from October 25-29. The event has a rich agenda which makes attendance worthwhile for business and technical leaders and experts.

The conference features programs and tracks specifically designed to develop skills, ensure higher productivity and improve problem-solving capacities and thereby leading to reduced costs and faster time-to-market. The EXPO is dedicated to innovative technology solutions under which the Papyrus Platform with its unique business architecture certainly stands out.

The Papyrus Platform combines inbound and outbound content with analytics, event processing and the relevant contextual processes. Event attendees will be able to learn how they can use the solutions from ISIS Papyrus to share some of the following benefits with over 2,000 major organizations worldwide:

  • Significant potential savings in printing, equipment and postage
  • Shorter development-cycles by out-of-box seamless integration, WYSIWYG and content management
  • Reduced time-to-market by empowering business and marketing users to control their processes, content and templates
  • Simplified compliance by process-embedded regulation and audit control
  • Increased customer retention and loyalty through a unified customer view for inbound and outbound communication.

Announcing ISIS Papyrus 2009 Open House and User Conferences

In general on April 17, 2009 at 9:37 am

ISIS Papyrus is pleased to announce this year’s open house and user conferences to start at the ISIS headquarters in Vienna, Austria, from April 19-21, and Southlake, Texas, from May 3-5, respectively.

Registration for these exciting events is now open. Other venues include Kingsclere in the UK and Ivrea in Italy. We will present all the details as they evolve.

In terms of products, ISIS Papyrus regards 2009 as a vintage year because quality rather than low-priced mass production guarantees happy customers. If the vintner hands you the bottle with a handshake you know what you are getting. We have shipped V7 to our project customers and to those who had a functional need. Papyrus EYE has been convincing with fully functional proof of concepts for prospects with a specific GUI design in a few weeks. Chart graphs in combination with our reporting features enable intuitive dashboards and process monitoring. New user-interactive Role-Activity views offer perfect insight into process functionality for the process owner, manager and user. The Papyrus User-Trained Agent has been accepted as a new means to create processes without stumbling over rigid flowcharts.

The Papyrus Platform V7 offers now a consolidated environment that enables the business to create all business processes with content, views, and rules from the Business Architecture down, while connecting to backend applications. The three letter acronym fragments (ECM, CCM, BPM, BRM, …) that would need to be integrated with expensive SOA projects and additional BPM and GUI coding, can now be consolidated and phased out.

The opportunities for short term and long term savings are substantial.