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Taking Customer Service to the Next Level

In benefits on November 11, 2010 at 4:22 am

The stories of poor customer services and the feeling of annoyance when needing to contact companies are seemingly endless. Therefore there is ample room for companies to offer superior services to compete for consumers’ tighter budgets and create loyal customers.

One way to step up customer service is the Web Archive for iPhone/iPod Touch that brings many of the Papyrus WebArchive features to the popular phone. Companies can give their customers access to their documents such as phone bills by just a touch on their mobile phone. No more unnecessary hold time and frustrated customers when a service representative isn’t in reach of a PC or has their notebook down. No more irritated clients being passed around and having to repeat themselves. A customer service representative of a large insurance company put it that way, “You know, these days information is not just kept inside the business like it used to, it really travels beyond the company to customers and partners and without Papyrus we couldn’t keep all this information unified and up to date. This amazing app now lets our agents have customer-related documents readily available when receiving a call and respond to customer inquiries as well as making notes where appropriate. We in turn can trace these notes and act as necessary. It’s just another step to increase our service availability.”

The benefits of Papyrus WebArchive in consolidated customer services have been used by many customer-oriented organizations to improve their services. Banks use it to distribute statements and other customer documents and bank statements to branch office servers to be collected by their customers. Insurance companies use WebArchive servers for access by internal and agent staff. Documents produced centrally are stored just as documents produced by the agent. Any customer query can be answered immediately. Customer documents can be printed, faxed or e-mailed as copy from the original document file. Telcos and utilities make billing information available for their staff and also for their customers over the Internet with hyperlinks enabling company staff to interact with host transactions via the document directly. And manufacturers and engineering firms provide any kind of document from technical drawings, parts catalogs and billing information for internal and worldwide access.

WebArchive Goes Mobile With iPhone

In benefits, new feature, product on March 12, 2010 at 2:06 am

The powerful WebArchive solution from ISIS Papyrus for short and long-term archiving and easy retrieval has now joined top perfomance for high-quality, on-the-go customer communications and response with the mobility and convenience of the iPhone.

This recent development is part of the new strategy of ISIS Papyrus to support mobile applications and will be followed up by support for Windows Mobile 7 and Symbian.

We have investigated the benefits of the Papyrus iPhone app and asked people who already employ it in their everyday business. A senior product manager at a major telecommunications provider put it like this:

“We want to offer this app both to our customer service reps as well as to a very well-defined target group of customers as a value proposition. Our staff will now have a huge amount of documents available to service their clients instantly without the need of opening and connecting their notebook first or even the need of having their notebooks with them. On the customer’s request and with proper authorization they can edit or annotate those documents and the changes will be reflected throughout the entire organization. Customers are given access to their documents without any intermediary and at any given time. But this is only part of the story. However well designed a customer offering may be, it will fail when poorly executed. We use the advantages of the Papyrus Platform in its entirety to provide a unified experience for the customer. First we enable and promote the collaboration of cross-functional teams from sales and marketing to logistics and supplies in our own organization and with partners and we highly value any communication with our customers as a precious resource. Because it is not so much data mining and other statistic guesswork that tells you what your customers want, they will rather tell you personally if you are ready to listen to them. And we certainly are!”

On asking if they were just jumping the bandwagon to capitalize on the popularity of the iPhone he adds the following:

“This all is not just a new random offering but part of an integrated strategy of providing a service platform for highly targeted individuals. Papyrus allows everyone in the organization to understand, subscribe to and fulfill the importance of the customer experience and our commitment to make it valuable and pleasant. This is not a one-off effort but a an ongoing process which we couldn’t manage without an integrated communications platform.”

At this point he is assisted by the VP of Costumer Services who had joined our conversation earlier and points out:

“By integrating the whole communication with the customer at each touchpoint we can focus on the entire customer experience. Each interaction of the customer with different departments of our company is equally important and Papyrus gives us the complete transparency to track these interactions by providing all of our staff with access to all customer-related communications together with real-time data in a single view.”

To find out how the WebArchive iPhone app can help you in fulfilling your organization’s strategic goals read a detailed description and a list of features here or get it at the Apple Appstore.