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First iPhone Scan Application for Online Payments

In new feature, product on October 10, 2011 at 8:52 am

ISIS Papyrus proudly announces the world’s first iPhone scan application for online payslip payments. This innovative app created for a major Austrian banking institution fills the void between the convenience of mobile banking and the traditional processing of physical payslips.

Now it’s no longer necessary to do all the tedious data entry for payslip payments manually with all the potential errors. Instead banking customers may simply use the iPhone’s camera to take a photo of the payslip and let the state-of-the-art capture and OCR technology from ISIS Papyrus do the rest.

The first users we asked about their impression were upbeat about the capabilities of the app. “This saves an awful lot of time when doing the ‘paperwork'”, says a middle-aged owner of a small car-repair shop and perhaps not your typical tech-savvy smartphone wizard, “you know I always used to mistype things when entering all that stuff manually and doing the same thing over and over again just drives you nuts every once in a while. I’m really glad to have this app.” He is assisted by a young woman who admits she’s having particular trouble with entering the new IBAN and BIC codes. “When you’re used to the old way of entering these codes it takes some time to get used to a completely new system that doesn’t make much sense in the beginning. I prefer to just snatch the photo and then check it for errors than to do it all manually. It’s really handy!”

Watch this video to see more detailed features of this latest innovation from ISIS Papyrus:

Case Study: Banking Group Optimizes Secure Payment Processing

In benefits, solution on February 2, 2011 at 8:51 am

The introduction of new financial instruments, standards, procedures, and infrastructure in the European financial markets has made the  requirements for paper-based and electronic payments immensely demanding: timely and highly efficient processing, easy clarification of ambiguities and a concurrent overview both in the day-to-day business and in an archive under auditing security.

One of the major European banking groups implemented a Papyrus Capture end-to-end solution to automate its complete processes of recording payment documents from scanning in more than 100 branches all over the country with Fujitsu Desktop scanners including endorsement to archiving in the Papyrus WebArchive. Stages in-between consist of the secure transfer via the heterogeneous network to the central processing office, the classification according to 5 basic transfer types with more than 80 related forms and text recognition of documents not suited for OCR/ICR.

Before being posted to the bank’s accounting system there are strict validations like checking the correctness of the international bank account number (IBAN) and comparing it to available databases like customer accounts and a two-tier manual process of data recording and checking to ensure absolutely correct records.

Special emphasis was placed on ergonomic and high-performance data recording: Papyrus EYE enables the definition of identical interfaces for Desktop and Portal. In the case of ambiguities they allow to add stickers (like you had them on paper) at the exact position with a written note for further clarification from the referring branch.

By introducing this innovative application the bank can now quickly and automatically process tens of thousands of payment documents per day and enjoys the following benefits:

  • Concurrent overview of all process stages
  • Optimized balance of resources by distributed scanning and centralized data recording and processing
  • Integrated security through encryption, role-based access rights and secure archiving

The bank has also made an efficient and future-proof investment as the solution from ISIS Papyrus is easily scalable to growing volumes.