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ISIS Papyrus Open House and User Conference 2014

In event on February 28, 2014 at 7:09 am

ISIS Papyrus is pleased to announce the program of the 2014 Global Open House and User Conference at the ISIS headquarters in Vienna, Austria, from May 4-6, followed closely by the US Open House in Southlake, Texas, from May 18-20. As always, customers, friends and everybody interested in leading-edge enterprise communication & process technology are cordially invited to join ISIS Papyrus for two days of interesting presentations, discussions, workshops, real-life case studies and networking plus the traditional Gala Dinner on the eve of the event. This time the location is at the stunning Leopold Museum with the opportunity to enjoy the unique atmosphere in Vienna’s splendid MuseumsQuartier. As always, admission to these events is free and registration is open as of now.

What we see currently in enterprise IT is no more and no less than a fundamental change of how businesses interact with customers and the barriers between front and back offices is dwindling. Customer experience comes strongly to the fore and requires a consolidation of all touchpoints. The Papyrus Communication and Process Platform with its unique concept and powerful feature-set provides the ideal launch-pad for future-proof innovative solutions. The ISIS Papyrus Open House with its special flavor again is the perfect backdrop to gain profound insights in the latest technological advancements that have become a hallmark of ISIS Papyrus since its inception.

New Paper Examines Excellence in Business Correspondence

In benefits on November 29, 2011 at 8:26 am

ISIS Papyrus has released a new technical update on Business Correspondence. As reported earlier, independent studies, various analyst researches, and overwhelming user feedback demonstrate that ISIS Papyrus leads the innovative edge in an area which is critical for customer-oriented enterprises with highly interactive requirements.

Business Correspondence is an application framework defined for the Papyrus Platform and using its adaptive capabilities for business process management and enterprise communications. It can be used independently or as element of a consolidated communications and process infrastructure that is the target for the Papyrus Platform. Other than hard-coded component solutions Papyrus Frameworks are easy to maintain as they do not contain any custom code and they are easily adapted using the inbuilt functionality without the heavy cost of changing flow-charted processes and rigid workflows. Featuring Papyrus EYE Widgets and Correspondence Wizards business users and administrators have powerful tools for defining different workplaces and user interfaces as required, for recording, training and re-using processes and decision patterns as well as defining relevant business rules without the need of lengthy upfront analysis and modeling. Papyrus empowers the business user in a completely new and transparent way by providing both the means to reach specific goals and effective guidance.

Other aspects illustrate the practical implementation of ACM with the consolidated approach of the Papyrus Platform. It provides a comprehensive, flexible and scalable solution for the consolidated management of inbound and outbound communications and enables seamless functional cooperation of otherwise distinct products such as ECM, BPM or CRM. It allows organizations to define, measure and manage process, content and data in complex service environments with a single shared customer view for ultimate transparency.