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ISIS Papyrus Open House and User Conference 2014

In event on February 28, 2014 at 7:09 am

ISIS Papyrus is pleased to announce the program of the 2014 Global Open House and User Conference at the ISIS headquarters in Vienna, Austria, from May 4-6, followed closely by the US Open House in Southlake, Texas, from May 18-20. As always, customers, friends and everybody interested in leading-edge enterprise communication & process technology are cordially invited to join ISIS Papyrus for two days of interesting presentations, discussions, workshops, real-life case studies and networking plus the traditional Gala Dinner on the eve of the event. This time the location is at the stunning Leopold Museum with the opportunity to enjoy the unique atmosphere in Vienna’s splendid MuseumsQuartier. As always, admission to these events is free and registration is open as of now.

What we see currently in enterprise IT is no more and no less than a fundamental change of how businesses interact with customers and the barriers between front and back offices is dwindling. Customer experience comes strongly to the fore and requires a consolidation of all touchpoints. The Papyrus Communication and Process Platform with its unique concept and powerful feature-set provides the ideal launch-pad for future-proof innovative solutions. The ISIS Papyrus Open House with its special flavor again is the perfect backdrop to gain profound insights in the latest technological advancements that have become a hallmark of ISIS Papyrus since its inception.

ISIS Open House Vienna 2012: A Brief Review

In event on May 9, 2012 at 7:06 am

The eve of the Open House was dedicated to the traditional gala show and the famed white stallions of the Spanish Riding School formed a fine contrast for the splendid display of innovative performance at equally high levels that was to follow during the next two days.

Among the cherished guests at the ISIS Headquarters was Toronto-based Sandy Kemsley, who tweeted live from the multitude of workshops, labs and real-world showcases that demonstrated the versatility and uniqueness of ISIS Papyrus solutions. Sandy is an independent analyst and systems architect, specializing in business process management, Enterprise 2.0, enterprise architecture and business intelligence. She is an internationally renowned speaker, trainer, and blogger on those topics. Here are some quotes from her coverage of #isisopenhouse:

“They’ve created the critical round trip between strategy and execution by connecting strategic objectives (in a strategy map) to business architecture (in a capability map) to process goals (balanced scorecard and other KPIs): not only is this top-down, where strategy defines capabilities, which in turn are used to define KPIs, but also feeding back so that the actual performance during execution is compared back to the architecture and strategy.”
(On ISIS Papyrus Adaptive Case Management)

“They provide a mobile app that acts as a portal to any application developed on their platform; … This provides access to the same application on iOS, Android, PC desktop and in the browser through their UI widgets. … We saw a demo of an iPad-based vehicle claim app built on this platform, and how the menus and features on the app are driven by the case definition in the desktop environment. Because it’s driven by the Papyrus platform, the app has access to the same data and documents as a desktop application, although rendered in a mobile form factor.”
(On Mobile Integration with the Papyrus Platform)

“Rather than having multiple systems that deal with content – ingestion, analysis, processing and generation, multiplied by the number of interaction channels – a single platform can reduce the internal efforts to develop content-centric processes, while presenting a more seamless customer experience across multiple channels. … it’s something that comes up in many of the BPM implementations that I’m involved in, and typically isn’t handled all that well (if at all) by those systems. In many cases, it’s a poorly implemented afterthought, performed in a non-integrated fashion in another system, or becomes one of those things that the users ask for but just never receive. ”
(On the ISIS Papyrus Business Communication Platform and Correspondence Generation)

The complete posts can be found on Sandy’s blog called Column 2:

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Mobile, Social And Integration With The Papyrus Platform

ISIS Papyrus Adaptive Case Management

Document Capture to Process

As a reminder for those who missed the opportunity to attend the event in Vienna: the US Open House and User Conference at Southlake, TX, takes place from May 20-22 and brings similar insights in the technological breakthroughs from ISIS Papyrus.

All the details of this event are again brought to your mobile device through the ISIS Papyrus Event Planning app that can be downloaded for free:

For iOS:
For Android:

ISIS Papyrus Event Planning App for iOS and Android

In benefits on May 4, 2012 at 7:23 am

By utilizing the Mobile features of the Papyrus Platform, ISIS Papyrus has released a mobile app created through an application definition stored in Papyrus WebRepository. The app connects users with corporate information and data through a Papyrus EYE server that uses the REST protocol. The app is intuitive and easy-to-use and allows to view event lists, schedules, and details stored in a database. It currently provides social and bookmarking enhancements, with voting (scores and comments) and more multimedia capabilities soon to come.

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While online, users get up-to-date information from the system and can bookmark and filter the available events they want to participate in. Social messaging is enabled through Twitter with the ability to optionally add photo snapshots. For offline mode the most recent data are kept locally on the device.

The app is a great way to engage internal and external users and to build and strengthen trust and relationships beyond the randomness of social media interaction. It could, for example, be used to provide a user interaction for trade shows or similar events or to help the prospect to configure a product or request service interactions. It can be linked with the Papyrus ACM Adaptive Case Management functions without additional programming and provide full access to corporate CRM data and information. All Papyrus ACM features can be made available and the functionality is specific to particular user roles if users are given the ability to register and login into the service.

The app serves therefore as sample application for a variety of corporate use cases and can easily be configured through WebRepository to an organization’s specific requirements. The event planner is available for both the iPhone and Android devices and can be downloaded here:

For iOS:
For Android:

Use the app with the ISIS Papyrus Open House hash tag #isisopenhouse.