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ISIS Papyrus CEO Highlights TransPromo Benefits

In benefits, product on October 12, 2009 at 1:25 am
Annemarie Pucher, CEO of ISIS Papyrus

Annemarie Pucher, CEO of ISIS Papyrus

In a recent article in leading trade magazine DOCUMENT, Annemarie Pucher, CEO of ISIS Papyrus, highlights the opportunities of engaging customers with targeted, dynamic and interactive messaging and offers.

A key requirement is the cross-functional integration of back office and front office to improve customer service, retention and growth. Ms Pucher also lists the major components for successful TransPromo campaigns and advanced features for a truly effective and 360-degree customer communications strategy.

Read the full article here.

TransPromo: Enhancing The Customer Experience And Saving Costs

In solution on September 9, 2009 at 7:41 am

The advantages of TransPromo as a strategic marketing instrument in terms of customer retention, loyalty and increased revenue are widely recognized today. The TransPromo solutions from ISIS Papyrus have helped large organizations for over a decade to create highly personalized targeted promotional messages in transaction documents like bank statements, phone bills and invoices. With full color onserts they deliver attractive documents with timely and relevant information and save on paper and postage.

The Papyrus Campaign/TransPromo Manager provides all the tools to easily take integrated customer communications one step further and add more touchpoints to enhance the user experience and to create real multi-channel campaigns for further cost savings. Papyrus draws on an organization’s data from various information silos and brings together customer purchase history, CRM data, marketing and sales resources, customer credit history and native language for effective messaging in print, via e-mail or for Web presentment.

The automated response workflow then allows to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign and triggers appropriate responses. Customer representatives have a single view of all customer-related documents and processes and can dedicate their efforts completely to customer-facing issues.

Enterprise TransPromo In The Limelight

In analyst report on August 27, 2009 at 8:11 am

A recent study by researchers InfoTrends highlighted TransPromo as “highly effective and economical method of communicating individualized promotional and educational messages by leveraging the white space on transactional documents.” In their report called The Ultimate Guide to Enterprise TransPromo Solutions: Document Composition they also featured ISIS Papyrus, thus recognizing once again the excellence of Papyrus solutions in this field.

Among the benefits large organizations can gain from a TransPromo solution InfoTrends counts the following:

  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Post-Sales Communication
  • E-Presentment Migration
  • Incremental Revenue Opportunities
  • Targeting Customers to Build Loyalty and Retention

With the unique Papyrus technology this powerful approach to marketing and customer communication is easy to implement. The Papyrus TransPromo Framework provides standard software for data analysis, campaign generation, document design and document composition, response management and multi-channel output management. Sophisticated campaign management allows for highly personalized targeting, process automation and optimization and gives marketers the necessary monitoring tools to oversee the effectiveness of campaigns and measure their  success.

ISIS Named As Leader In Dynamic Enterprise Publishing

In analyst report on August 25, 2009 at 7:06 am

Independent researchers from IDC have analyzed the market for dynamic enterprise publishing (DEP) software and named ISIS Papyrus as a leader in this field for consistent, efficient and cost effective document generation. The report called Worldwide Dynamic Enterprise Publishing Software 2009–2013 Forecast and Analysis: Customer Correspondence, Transpromo, and Multichannel Publishing Drive Growth provides a positive market outlook as organizations seek solutions for multichannel publishing, transpromo, and high-fidelity, personalized communications that increase customer engagement and spur revenue growth.

“DEP solutions play to three of the key drivers for IT spend, all of which affect the bottom line, including cost reduction, compliance, and new revenue generation,” said Melissa Webster, program vice president, Content and Digital Media Technologies at IDC.

ISIS Papyrus is well positioned in this area because it efficiently links inbound and outbound content to the relevant processes and helps organizations to create effective customer communications and to streamline the associated business processes across functional barriers for improved costumer care, retention and growth.

ISIS Papyrus at European TransPromo Summit

In event on August 11, 2009 at 4:09 am

It is time to mark the calendars again. ISIS Papyrus with its proven expertise in TransPromo messaging will be present as sponsor at the European TransPromo Summit to be held in Brussels on October 6-7 this year. The event, organized by InfoTrends and 4IT Group, will bring together vendors, print service providers, and corporate marketing executives and users for 2 days of information sharing, insight into best practices through real world examples, and peer-to-peer networking. In addition, attendees will be able to meet with industry-leading vendors and service providers during the dedicated technology showcases.

“ISIS Papyrus carries a tradition of excellence in meeting customer requirements based on a unique insight into the customer-to-employee, employee-to-content and content-to-process relationships that are critical to the effectiveness of TransPromo programs,” commented Enrico Barboglio, President of 4IT Group. “Learning how they develop and deliver consolidated customer communications and process optimization solutions for their global expertise in unifying marketing messages and business content for high-impact customer communications enterprise organizations will be a great benefit to conference attendees.”

“ISIS Papyrus software connects enterprises with their customers by producing more financial and telecom documents than any other vendor in the European Union. ISIS Papyrus designed the TransPromo Manager with robust capabilities that leverage transactional processes to enhance customer acquisition, growth and retention for global enterprises,” commented Max J. Pucher, founder and current Chief Architect of ISIS Papyrus Software. “As proud sponsors of the European TransPromo Summit, we look forward to sharing real-world solutions for user-guided, personalized promotions that deliver multi-channel customer response, faster campaign cycles and optimal efficiency.”

Papyrus Framework for Campaign Management

In product, solution on August 4, 2009 at 2:38 am

Recently we reported about ISIS Papyrus Application Frameworks and their role in boosting process automation and efficiency. Today we have a closer look at the Papyrus Framework for Campaign Management and TransPromo.

The TransPromo Campaign Management Framework is a quick-start application to effectively create highly targeted and personalized marketing messages in transactional documents such as bank statements or phone bills. This powerful combination gives your message more attention than it would usually get if it were sent separately.

Based on the Papyrus Platform and its unique Business Architecture Papyrus Application Frameworks integrate all inbound and outbound content with the related processes, linking people, information and applications across geographically distributed organizational functions.  In addition, the Papyrus Campaign Management Framework provides sophisticated design tools for document creation and document composition, response management and multi-channel output management to take customer care processes to all-new levels.

Tech Updates for TransPromo and ADF

In key function, product, solution on May 7, 2009 at 8:39 am

Just in time for the Open House events in Vienna, Austria and Southlake, TX, technical updates on TransPromo and the Automated Document Factory (ADF) have been released. As reported earlier, ISIS Papyrus leads the innovative edge in these areas which are critical for customer-oriented enterprises with high-volume document production requirements.

Transpromo and ADF are two application frameworks defined for the Papyrus Platform. They can be used independently or as elements of a consolidated communications and process infrastructure that is the target for the Papyrus Platform. In difference to Java-coded component solutions the Papyrus Frameworks are easy to maintain as they do not contain any Java-code, and they are easily adapted using the Template functionality of WebRepository.

The consolidated approach of Papyrus enables seamless functional cooperation of otherwise distinct products such as ECM, BPM or CRM that would have to be linked up by means of SOA. The problem is that this usually requires the development of new business processes and new user interfaces while in Papyrus that is not the case. With Papyrus EYE the business can define the user interfaces as required, record and train the processes, and write the relevant business rules. Papyrus empowers the business user in a completely new and transparent way.

Incorporation of AFP Consortium

In markets, partners on April 17, 2009 at 9:42 am

Creation of New Standards Organization – ISIS Papyrus Joins Forces With Major Industry Players in Continued Innovation Endeavor

In February, the Advanced Function Presentation Consortium (AFPC) has become an incorporated non-profit organization. It also celebrates its fifth year of operation focused on promoting industry innovation, interoperability between its 30-plus members and collaboration on mission-critical standards. The group was formed by leaders in the print industry in October 2004 to focus on developing the AFP Color Management Architecture (ACMA), an open standard to drive accurate and consistent color in variable data printing. This focus was expanded in September 2006 to encompass the complete AFP architecture. AFP is a presentation architecture that provides for document and information presentation independent of specific applications and devices. This technology is particularly important in driving new industry initiatives like TransPromo and in the creation of mission-critical documents such as bills, statements, and policies. AFP has powerful advantages over other print architectures like PostScript as it supports very high print speeds, output integrity, and centralized, automated server-based management.
The leading role of ISIS Papyrus in these technologies was recognized by electing Roberto Anzola, head of R&D, as member of the board of directors who will run the newly-formed body.

Transpromo Delivers Increased Returns

In benefits, product, solution on April 15, 2009 at 6:48 pm

The combination of transactional documents like statements or bills and promotional material, in short: Transpromo, is an efficient vehicle to raise customer attention with targeted offers for increased loyalty and profitability.

ISIS Papyrus has covered the underlying functionality of highly-personalized top quality documents for quite some time before Transpromo became a catch phrase. This innovative edge is now proven again by the ready-to-go Transpromo framework that comes with the Papyrus Platform. Making use of the revolutionary Papyrus EYE User Interface and the unsurpassed ADF capabilities of the Papyrus Platform this solution demonstrates just how far you can go in customer-oriented marketing.

The upcoming ISIS Papyrus Open House is the ideal opportunity to see live demos not only of Transpromo but of all other highlights built around the unique business architecture of the new Papyrus Platform.