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Papyrus Customer Wins WfMC Global Award for Excellence in BPM & Workflow

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The latest Papyrus customer recognized as a winner in the 2016 WfMC Global Awards for Excellence in Business Process Management is a leading European Contingent Workforce Recruitment company that introduced the fully mobile-enabled CWMS to handle hiring skilled workers, service delivery, reporting, payroll and client invoicing for 50,000+ temporary workers.

With Papyrus, the Company was able to streamline, standardize and optimize their business operations end-to-end across multiple departments and user environments, with significant improvements in productivity, turnaround, quality and visibility across the organization, including:

  • Recruitment time reduced by 90%
  • Digital worker’s dossier saves €50 ($52-53) per applicant
  • Mobile work assignment reduces staff handling by 40%
  • Fully electronic data validation for labor, printing and payroll savings
  • 1:1 mobile communication for 10,000 shifts/day increases shift assignments
  • Reporting and tracking reduces loss in payment calculations and billing

The Company has utilized the Adaptive Case Management (ACM) framework as the foundation of the CWMS to enable both automatic system and ad-hoc user activity that minimizes manual steps and ensures a seamless operational and customer experience from job order to billing.


“We are excited for this well-deserved recognition of our customer’s unique solution for true digital transformation of their entire business operations to embrace the fast pace of workforce management. The innovation accomplished using Papyrus to create a unified platform has changed the way the company interacts with clients and workers to run the business more productively, efficiently and profitably.” – Annemarie Pucher, CEO

Read more about this solution and the rewards of transforming customer operations with Papyrus Software:


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