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User-Trained Agent in V7

In new feature, solution on April 17, 2009 at 9:41 am
Real-Time Dashboard Chart for UTA

Real-Time Chart for UTA

The User-Trained Agent (UTA) enables the business user to gradually design a workflow by training. This kind of training is not suited for the sequential entry of data and threshold values. In conventional workflow systems developers have to provide this functionality via forms, script logic and business rule systems plus the programming of complex interfaces.

The Papyrus WebRepository lets the user create metadata definitions for interactive Activity Recording (AR) and the entry of business rules in natural language without the need for scripts and without programming efforts. The integrated authorization features restrict the creation and editing of business rules to users with appropriate rights and make sure that execution of the rules is strictly within the boundaries of user roles. The UTA can be trained to perform activities but their scope is limited by defined business rules.

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