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Tech Updates for TransPromo and ADF

In key function, product, solution on May 7, 2009 at 8:39 am

Just in time for the Open House events in Vienna, Austria and Southlake, TX, technical updates on TransPromo and the Automated Document Factory (ADF) have been released. As reported earlier, ISIS Papyrus leads the innovative edge in these areas which are critical for customer-oriented enterprises with high-volume document production requirements.

Transpromo and ADF are two application frameworks defined for the Papyrus Platform. They can be used independently or as elements of a consolidated communications and process infrastructure that is the target for the Papyrus Platform. In difference to Java-coded component solutions the Papyrus Frameworks are easy to maintain as they do not contain any Java-code, and they are easily adapted using the Template functionality of WebRepository.

The consolidated approach of Papyrus enables seamless functional cooperation of otherwise distinct products such as ECM, BPM or CRM that would have to be linked up by means of SOA. The problem is that this usually requires the development of new business processes and new user interfaces while in Papyrus that is not the case. With Papyrus EYE the business can define the user interfaces as required, record and train the processes, and write the relevant business rules. Papyrus empowers the business user in a completely new and transparent way.

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