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Mobile and Social Impacts on Enterprise IT

In markets on February 13, 2012 at 7:57 am

As mobile devices and social interactions become more and more ubiquitous businesses are slowly starting to see the impact. Companies must respond by making it easy for people–employees and customers–to stay in touch on any device and from any location while ensuring access to the same enterprise tools and customer communications. This requires a major shift in the perception of enterprise IT.

Until recently enterprises understood business transformation as implementing packaged applications such as ERP, CRM, and the like, to tackle certain business problems. But instead of mitigating problems the resulting information silos aggravated them because software has been regarded more like a commodity to run the business than a truly differentiating factor. In this quagmire BPM is viewed as a way out of the silo issues but in its conventional flow-charted flavor it only adds additional bureaucratic overhead and nothing to improve the customer experience and totally fails in connecting all the business communications with the relevant data in a transparent way for internal collaboration and to bridge the customer interaction gap.

The driver for business transformation will have to be a business process perspective that uses capabilities, value streams and their customer outcomes as target definitions. The resulting Business Architecture will have to cater for all social and mobile touchpoints and empower business stakeholders as well as performers to create, execute, evaluate, and adapt processes at their own discretion, while driving towards defined outcomes, process goals and business targets.

The underlying problem of social media interactions is that they lack business context and goals. Therefore the Papyrus Platform from ISIS Papyrus handles social interactions device-independent as elements of a case to provide a consolidated view of all customer-related data and content. While at the same time doing away with artificially created fragmentation the Papyrus Platform offers a holistic approach to integrated business communication and collaborative capabilities and enables business users to create their own processes for an enhanced customer experience and for creating tangible outcomes.