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New Research Report: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Customer Communications Management Software

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The latest Gartner Magic Quadrant on CCM names ISIS Papyrus Software as a Challenger!

We are proud that Papyrus is among the top 15 vendors evaluated for CCM Software solutions.

Gartner subscribers can access the report to see how industry experts evaluate new technologies and innovations supporting digital business initiatives – visit for a summary of the report and details on getting a copy for your team.

The omni channel capabilities of the Papyrus Platform align perfectly with enterprise requirements for digital business transformation and customer engagement – we look forward to continued innovations that keep pace with the evolving needs of our customers and their peers.

Stay tuned for insight on Papyrus Platform CCM strengths highlighted in the research!

ISIS Papyrus Software Named a Leader in Document Output for Customer Communications Management

In analyst report on April 7, 2014 at 7:42 am

Independent research firm cites ISIS Papyrus’ broad vision for DOCCM supporting ECM, CRM, analytics, event processing, and BPM

Enterprise software provider ISIS Papyrus Software announced it has been named a Leader in “The Forrester Wave™: Document Output For Customer Communications Management, Q1 2014”, published January 8.

For the report, Forrester Research, Inc. evaluated 11 document output for customer communications management (DOCCM) vendors across 26 criteria, finding strong differences in document design and composition, business empowerment, use cases, implementation, workflow, and reporting.

In its second time in the DOCCM evaluation, ISIS Papyrus received its Leader positioning based on its scores in Strategy and Current Offering.

“ISIS continues with a broad vision for DOCCM supporting ECM, CRM, analytics, event processing, and BPM, and views CCM as a component of a broader dynamic case management market….ISIS is a leader with a well-balanced product.”The Forrester Wave™: Document Output For Customer Communications Management, Q1 2014

Profiling Papyrus as “an adapti2ve platform with exacting results,” the 2014 Wave report for DOCCM cited ISIS Papyrus for its:

  • Full application lifecycle platform and framework
  • Great flexibility
  • “Framework” solutions to reduce implementation
  • Sweet spot where language complexity and where exact rendering of content is essential
  • Consolidated and common data model across CRM, ECM, DCM and CCM in a core repository

“ISIS Papyrus has provided enterprise document and customer communications solutions since our inception, so we are honored and proud to be recognized in this research as a leader and for our vision in what we believe is a crucial area of business technology,” said Annemarie Pucher, CEO of ISIS Papyrus Software. “The value of the Papyrus Platform is its combination of powerful document customization with multichannel capture and delivery for full-circle customer communications that are tailored for each organization’s needs.”

The Papyrus Business Communications and Process Platform empowers enterprise business users and knowledge workers to optimize and align processes, tasks, communications and documents in service-based organizations.

Enterprise TransPromo In The Limelight

In analyst report on August 27, 2009 at 8:11 am

A recent study by researchers InfoTrends highlighted TransPromo as “highly effective and economical method of communicating individualized promotional and educational messages by leveraging the white space on transactional documents.” In their report called The Ultimate Guide to Enterprise TransPromo Solutions: Document Composition they also featured ISIS Papyrus, thus recognizing once again the excellence of Papyrus solutions in this field.

Among the benefits large organizations can gain from a TransPromo solution InfoTrends counts the following:

  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Post-Sales Communication
  • E-Presentment Migration
  • Incremental Revenue Opportunities
  • Targeting Customers to Build Loyalty and Retention

With the unique Papyrus technology this powerful approach to marketing and customer communication is easy to implement. The Papyrus TransPromo Framework provides standard software for data analysis, campaign generation, document design and document composition, response management and multi-channel output management. Sophisticated campaign management allows for highly personalized targeting, process automation and optimization and gives marketers the necessary monitoring tools to oversee the effectiveness of campaigns and measure their  success.

ISIS Named As Leader In Dynamic Enterprise Publishing

In analyst report on August 25, 2009 at 7:06 am

Independent researchers from IDC have analyzed the market for dynamic enterprise publishing (DEP) software and named ISIS Papyrus as a leader in this field for consistent, efficient and cost effective document generation. The report called Worldwide Dynamic Enterprise Publishing Software 2009–2013 Forecast and Analysis: Customer Correspondence, Transpromo, and Multichannel Publishing Drive Growth provides a positive market outlook as organizations seek solutions for multichannel publishing, transpromo, and high-fidelity, personalized communications that increase customer engagement and spur revenue growth.

“DEP solutions play to three of the key drivers for IT spend, all of which affect the bottom line, including cost reduction, compliance, and new revenue generation,” said Melissa Webster, program vice president, Content and Digital Media Technologies at IDC.

ISIS Papyrus is well positioned in this area because it efficiently links inbound and outbound content to the relevant processes and helps organizations to create effective customer communications and to streamline the associated business processes across functional barriers for improved costumer care, retention and growth.

Background of DOCCM

In analyst report, markets on July 30, 2009 at 7:57 am

As reported earlier, a Forrester Research report on Document Output For Customer Communications (DOCCM) yielded excellent results for ISIS Papyrus and concluded that its vision in this area by far exceeds that of other vendors.

Forrester defines the term DOCCM as follows: Software used to compose, format, personalize, and distribute content to support physical and electronic customer communications and improve the customer experience.

The report then describes three application needs as part of DOCCM:

  • Structured Output runs in batches, often in large volumes. Structured output is scheduled, consistently formatted, and sent as part of a service relationship (much like phone bills and brokerage statements); it also includes batch digital or offset print runs.
  • Interactive Output marries custom content or data with preset structure. Interactive output requires the human touch, often matching variable customer data with structured forms or templates, providing a more individualized output; examples include customer correspondence and negotiated documents like group insurance policies or derivative and margin contracts“.
  • On-Demand Output is triggered by multichannel requests. Events from the Web, fax, phone, email, transactional systems, or enterprise applications drive on-demand output, and on-demand events may also be initiated by a human being via a keystroke, as in call center correspondence.

As all these areas are very well covered by the Papyrus Platform business architecture with its concept of consolidated processes in the context of inbound and outbound content the positive results come as little surprise. To read this interesting report in detail request your copy now from ISIS Papyrus.

The Forrester Wave: Papyrus is a ‘Strong Performer’

In analyst report, markets on July 2, 2009 at 4:05 am

Forrester Research has just published its Forrester Wave – Document Output for Customer Communications Management report.

Analysts Sheri McLeish and Craig Le Clair have spent a lot of time to analyze the current market offering in this arena. For a vendor to participate it was necessary to offer enterprise class functionality in interactive, on-demand and structured document creation. No overall leader emerged and the ISIS Papyrus Platform was positioned as a strong performer in the same league as all the large vendors who offer no more than a mix-and-match patchwork of often incompatible functionalities in difference to the architectured ISIS Papyrus Platform.

“ISIS Papyrus by far owns the broadest vision for DOCCM in the industry,” stated The Forrester Wave™: Document Output For Customer Communications Management (DOCCM), Q2 2009. Forrester defines DOCCM as software used to compose, format, personalize and distribute content to support physical and electronic customer communications and improve the customer experience.

The ISIS Papyrus Platform v7 was reviewed in The Forrester WaveTM as follows: “ISIS scored well as a Strong Performer across all segments and as a well-balanced product with enterprise potential. ISIS Papyrus has the broadest and most unique vision for DOCCM in the industry, supporting ECM, CRM, analytics, event processing, and BPM. It has a modular and easy-to-configure system based on patented technology that combines with innovative post composition, output management, and production management.”

Forrester also reviewed reference installations and stated: “Customers are committed to the ISIS vision and feel passionate about this vendor.”

It is an interesting report so we recommend to purchase it from the Forrester website. Alternatively contact ISIS to receive a complementary copy. You will find a more opinionated view here.