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ISIS Papyrus Customer Selected as a Winner in 2016 WfMC Global Case Management Awards

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ISIS Papyrus Software is proud to announce that a market-leading customer using Papyrus for agile customer communications is a winner in the 2016 WfMC Global Awards for Excellence in Case Management.

Sponsored by the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC), these awards recognize distinguished ACM projects achieving excellent outcomes for long-term strategic goals at leading-edge organizations through an adaptive approach to BPM and innovation.

Serving more than 70 countries with 180,000 employees, the global bank is utilizing Papyrus ACM technology to streamline and optimize customer communication design, production processes and collaboration between business and IT. The organization has already achieved sustainable quality and efficiency advancements through agile customer communications including:

  • Reduction in template development for high-volume document production
  • Reduction in release time for printed & online documents
  • Cross-department change management enabling flexible document release process
  • Corporate identity, consistency and efficiency via large-scale reusability
  • Reporting and auditing transparency
  • Minimal implementation support from IT

“The benefits achieved by using Papyrus technology have not only resulted in desired improvements in internal collaboration and efficiency, but this novel approach to using our software platform also ensures that the bank can react more responsively to customer needs without introducing compliance or accountability risks.” – Annemarie Pucher, CEO

After selecting Papyrus for business user empowerment and collaborative document production across batch production and customized online correspondence, the bank implemented an ACM-based system to give business users control of the complete document lifecycle and facilitate collaboration across change management and release process phases.

Review the entire announcement and more details on the WfMC award on the ISIS Papyrus Web site.

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