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ISIS Papyrus Features CCM Innovations to Enable Enterprise Digitalization in the Age of the Customer

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Annual User Conference and industry recognition highlight expanded Papyrus core CCM offering integrated with Mobile, ACM and Capture

During the 2016 Open House and User Conference held this week, ISIS Papyrus Software featured the expanded capabilities of its Papyrus Platform for the digital age of the customer, employing Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Adaptive Case Management (ACM) process technology.

Since pioneering advanced document design, formatting and output for transactional and message-based communication at the foundation of today’s corporate CCM solutions, the Papyrus Platform has expanded to empower enterprise business users and knowledge workers to optimize and align documents, processes, collaboration and communication in customer service-focused organizations.

Recent CCM advances in the Papyrus Business Communications and Process Platform were designed to address omnichannel, two-way communications in a digital, multimedia, mobile environment driven by customer preference.

“Our seamless integration of enterprise content with business processes and customer communications has long offered a One Company-One Voice approach – even before the Customer Experience discussion began. Our platform is helping organizations to align their operations to deliver on that promise and remain competitive – and CCM is always a central component and priority.”
– Annemarie Pucher, CEO

“At ISIS Papyrus, CCM functionality is used in 100% of all customer solutions, because this fundamental capability is a requirement of any critical business interaction.”
– Max J. Pucher, CTO

Read more about the CCM technology that has garnered global recognition and awards – and find out how to see it firsthand this spring and share experiences through interactive presentations, guest speakers and demonstrations at the upcoming annual ISIS Papyrus Open House and User Conferences and ISIS Papyrus Strategy and User Conferences worldwide.

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