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ISIS Papyrus Compliance and Consistency Checking Solution Presented in ACM Workshop at BPM 2015

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The Adaptive Case Management (ACM) Workshop at BPM 2015, which took place August 31 – September 3 in Innsbruck, Austria, provided a platform for researchers and industry practitioners to discuss ACM and other non-workflow approaches to BPM.

With keynote speeches on “NoBPM” and an initiative for a “Manifesto for Agile BPM” the community clearly acknowledges a paradigm change which focuses on the interaction between people to address customer experience holistically with declarative process definition approaches. It is simply not enough to sketch business processes with various methods and big efforts when there is no supporting system that allows business people to have  goal-oriented interaction with the processes in real time for adaptation, exception handling and execution support in unforeseen situations. ISIS Papyrus set the direction many years ago when the Adaptive Case Management Solution was introduced, long before terms like “agile” or “dynamic” became frequently used prefixes to BPM suites.

Together with their research partner, the University of Vienna, ISIS Papyrus presented their conference papers for the foundations for a consistency and compliance checking technology to safeguard evolving business processes.

The BPM Conference Industry Track gave various vendors and industry companies the opportunity to present solutions and approaches from daily business process life. The contribution of ISIS Papyrus deals with embracing support and flexibility within a fast-changing insurance business environment.

Official Workshop Papers:

Embracing Process Compliance and Flexibility through Behavioral Consistency Checking in ACM – A Repair Service Management Case

Towards Structural Consistency Checking in Adaptive Case Management

Enabling Flexibility of Business Processes by Compliance Rules – A Case Study from the Insurance Industry

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