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ISIS Papyrus offers update of free Papyrus AFP Viewer plugin

In Uncategorized on May 28, 2015 at 10:19 am

ISIS Papyrus proudly offers an update of its free Papyrus AFP Viewer for release level V7.1 SP7.

In collaboration with the global printing and imaging industry’s AFP Consortium (AFPC), ISIS Papyrus has released its AFP Viewer as freeware for the benefit of the IT community since Papyrus V7 was released.

The Papyrus AFP Viewer plugin lets you view AFP documents from a Web browser.

With advanced functionality and processing speed, the Papyrus AFP Viewer is ideal for business and production environments that demand superior user interfaces and presentation of colors.

Viewer Highlights:

  • View AFP files in file system or on the Web
  • View any AFP file with .afp file extension or any AFP file on the Web with ‘application/afp’ MIME type
  • Print AFP files to any Windows printer
  • Attach electronic notes – Stickers – to documents
  • Display and filter indexed documents
  • Full text and regular expression search
  • Display list of resources used in a document

Get your free download now to benefit from new implemented features!

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