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Improving Sales Results with ISIS Papyrus Lead Management Solution

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Contacts in sales are valuable and important to growing your business. Correct qualification and categorization is a real challenge – and without the right tools it’s nearly impossible.

Offering an argument like, “We have the best product for you,” doesn’t take sales people a step forward. Prior to making contact, the prospective customer is often already well informed.

If you have this information you will meet on the same level. But, prospective buyers do not wait ages to get an answer. If the requested information is delayed, or the competing company reacts more quickly, you may lose your prospect. And in a competitive market, no company can afford to lose customers.

If a prospective customer has any question, he takes a look at the Web site, subscribes to a newsletter, opts into a database, and submits inquiries or requests materials. On the other hand, companies get feedback from sweepstakes, promotions, and marketing campaigns or from any other events.

What happens to this valuable response information at your company?

Companies waste millions of dollars via lack of sustainability and consistency in the organization of customer acquisition. Knowledge generated from marketing campaigns is processed insufficiently – or not at all in the worst-case scenario. Cold calling doesn’t lead to an ongoing interaction. Warm calling, however, can lead quickly and efficiently to exchange the right information with potential customers.

A CRM system, and related lead management, lead generation, lead qualification and effective lead tracking, depend on reliable and current customer data.

How can you convert prospects into potential customers to generate revenue and build relationships?

At this point, lead management leverages and enables the following:

  • Knowledge, competence, empathy, faster readiness, preparation to offer the best solution to the prospect
  • Using Persona concepts to quickly get relevant information for selective processing and follow-up
  • Turning buying interest into a large number of purchases and tapping the full potential
  • Differentiating high-potential customers from duds
  • Individual customer care to present made-to-measure solutions
  • Excellent support in demand generation, with customer loyalty programs for retaining and even winning the customer over again

Papyrus Adaptive Case Management offers optimal solutions that can be tailored to your needs at any time. The ISIS Papyrus Lead Management Solution is a Papyrus framework based on Papyrus WebRepository, which uses Ontology – the latest innovative Technology from ISIS Papyrus that ensures maximum flexibility and completes the entire process.

If you want to link all your customer contacts and data together, to exploit all the benefits of a complete system, and provide them to your sales team at any time, even on mobile devices, then with Papyrus you are ready to face new challenges.

Visit our new Web site and learn more about our Lead Management Solution based on the Papyrus Platform. We are very pleased to support you with advice and practical help and we look forward to joining you on this exciting journey.

Turn strangers into friends and friends into customers – together with us!

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