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Enterprises Finding Simple, Quick Path to “Go Mobile” with Papyrus

In Uncategorized on December 18, 2014 at 6:29 pm

If your company’s 2015 goals include making all your company’s desktop applications available anytime and anywhere – without worrying about huge costs and security issues – the Papyrus Platform is right for you!

Developing a customized business mobile app is not always the best solution – but you can simply “go mobile” with Papyrus – check out our latest video to see the possibilities in action!

The fully integrated Papyrus Platform allows you to immediately enable your business applications for the mobile environment, without devoting extensive resources for developing mobile apps.

  • Access your data on any mobile device as if you would access them on your desktop
  • All business applications are hosted on your server so your security is guaranteed
  • A convenient dashboard gives access to all your applications

With our architected solution, Papyrus provides a simple and quick solution to handle all your applications seamlessly from your desktop right into your mobile devices – with data stored only on the server for highest security even if the mobile device is lost or damaged.

Once you have Papyrus, you will never have to wait months to “go mobile” again!

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