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New ISIS Papyrus Certified Professionals

In benefits, value proposition on July 14, 2014 at 8:03 am

ISIS Papyrus software  is in use as as reliable backbone for mission-critical processes for many organizations. To keep up with the level of support provided by ISIS Papyrus over the years it has come naturally to launch a certificate program to ensure that all ISIS customers and partners get the same level of knowledge that equals the demanding targets, which ISIS has set for itself internally. Therefore it is always a joy to see high-level professionals  reaching out for superior skills and service levels, which are provided by the ISIS Papyrus certification procedure, and even more so, when their tremendous efforts reap the merited benefits. Such has been the case recently with five candidates passing the Level I ‘Papyrus Certified Application Developer’. Congratulations go to

  • Mr Denny von Behrbalk, and
  • Mr Asad Omerbegovic (both of brainsphere informationworks GmbH)

as well as to

  • Mr Matteo Meroni
  • Mr Stefano Trevisin
  • Mr Matteo Salatti (all from Dataexpert Srl)

As they have just gone through the initial steps of the program, they have an exciting journey still ahead of them because a time-proven IT Certification like the Papyrus Certified Professional Program has the power to help of shaping an individual’s career in various promising ways. For one, certified professionals enjoy better job opportunities and command higher compensations than their non-certified counterparts. Additionally, it is also a way of branding yourself and entering a community of like-minded people across the globe with all its networking opportunities. The power of Papyrus Certification at all levels is available to those willing to explore the impressive capabilities of an exceptional and innovative technology and to learn about leading-edge Adaptive Case Management features. If you are ready to join a select circle of distinguished professionals, register now.

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