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ISIS Management Circle Seminar – Insights from Industry Experts

In event on July 1, 2014 at 8:13 am

This year’s Open House at ISIS Papyrus has again been a resounding success, attracting participants from all over the world and allowing for interesting presentations and discussions in an easy-going atmosphere. One program that has drawn particular interest because of its knowledge-packed sessions and the interactive format is the Management Circle Seminar (MCS). It provides an ideal opportunity for business and IT managers to discuss with each other the real-world issues and opportunities for moving from a rigid-process and command-control mindset to a modern goal-oriented approach that not only improves customer satisfaction but provides immediate and continuous innovation without a slow process bureaucracy.

Topics that were discussed covered the following:

Digital communication vs print: advantages, drawbacks and appropriateness of both media including regulatory and security considerations: Print as physical material appears more ‘real’ to the brain

  • Being a cognitive medium makes it easier to introduce complex issues and topics to readers
  • Higher tangibility
  • Increased level of engagement
  • Superior brand recognition
  • Digital communication can be shared through multiple channels
  • Allows to integrate different media like videos, user specific interest URLs, Chats, Tweets, …
  • Can be quickly & easily spread on the Internet
  • Provides for multimedia storytelling
  • Allows low cost ads
  • Viral audience reach

ROI on intelligent data capture in 12 months: demonstration of the viability of the approach

  • In general businesses look to increase ROI by:
  • reducing manual processes and overheads
  • making FTE savings by reducing the number of people required to perform a task
  • implementing program’s to support change throughout the business to prevent silo’s of activity
  • Data consistency: companies may have multiple line of business systems which hold the same customer record but in different formats
  • for third party business process outsource providers data consistency can enable value added services such as flagging deceased account holders however in general these are reported back to the client instead of stopping the print
  • as above some European countries have much better controls around individual identities which can help reduce the amount of post returned to seeder as the account holder forgot to advise a company they have moved
  • some companies are better at consolidating customer information which aids with integration as there is a single client view instead of multiple versions of potentially the same client
  • different data from different systems can be perceived as a blocker when attempting to integrate communication channels from different systems into one

Discussions were lively and animated and most MCS participants agreed that both IT and business management can gain substantial benefits but that it involves a change of business culture. They also agreed that it is the use of technology like ACM that will help to drive this change in a business. The MCS discussions were considered valuable and enlightening.

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