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Next Generation E-Statements: Reduce Costs, Increase Loyalty

In benefits on March 19, 2012 at 3:24 am

People are literally getting flooded with printed mail like statements, bills, marketing messages etc. All the while the stream is increasing the attention is fading while the printing, postage, equipment and personnel costs for providers are soaring. There are only small opportunities to break through information fatigue surrounding quelling letter boxes. One such opportunity consists of e-statements but not of the dull kind of yesteryear that’s just the electronic version of its paper counterpart.

What’s required to call customer’s attention is a totally new kind of personalized electronic document that goes way beyond dreary numbers and the occasional lackluster messaging insert as part of an uninspired mass marketing campaign. This kind of document gives a whole new customer experience by involving personalized interactive communications, transactional promotions, structured ad-hoc documents, and tentative calls to action based on a single transparent customer view, real-time data and closed-loop communication consolidating inbound and outbound documents in the context of adaptive business processes.

The Papyrus Platform effectively and efficiently leverages the delivery of smart electronic documents  with consistent appearance across all media and devices and thus helps to increase sales opportunities and brand loyalty while substantially saving production costs and supporting green initiatives.  By giving business and marketing users more power and abilities to create their own documents it also helps to offset the dependency on IT for fairly simple tasks for faster time-to-market and shorter life cycles.

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