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Process Mining with Papyrus

In benefits on March 13, 2012 at 4:58 am

Process mining is an IT concept that has gained some momentum and attention recently though it lacks a generally-agreed definition and is open to what any vendor claims it to be. Therefore it is useful to look under the hood of such concepts and to ask what is the real value it can bring to a business.

While the idea of analyzing people interaction is a valuable concept in itself, process mining often only tries to improve the shortcomings of conventional BPM (rigid processes, lack of user empowerment and agility, absence of goal orientation and focus on outcome etc.). Using the same flow-charted paradigm like the underlying system these efforts are similarly doomed to fail and aren’t capable of reaping the potential benefits in a real-world business setting. Therefore most process mining initiatives are nothing more than a declaration of intentions and good will without adequate technology and tangible results.

By contrast, the ISIS Papyrus Platform has made patented technology readily available for a couple of years now. For the purpose of process mining based on the principles of human decision-making and social business collaboration the Papyrus User-Trained Agent (UTA) performs pattern recognition on the data objects and their relationships across the complete state space of a business case each time an action is performed by an actor role. The UTA analyzes what elements of the pattern are relevant for its subsequent repeated actions. This includes information about previously executed steps and their results. The UTA thus provides the business user with the power to train the progression of a workflow, which dramatically reduces the time and effort to analyze and encode workflows and rules and yields the related benefits immediately.

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