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Sequel to Groundbreaking ACM Book

In general on September 28, 2011 at 8:17 am

When almost a year ago “Mastering the Unpredictable” came out it was the first comprehensive work dealing with the foundations of Adaptive Case Management. To this day it is unrivaled and still the most authoritative source on the topic.

Now there is a sequel to this book presenting real-world applications of adaptive approaches to business process management, called “Taming the Unpredictable”. ISIS Papyrus Founder and Chief Architect Max J. Pucher features again as co-author and has contributed his insightful “Considerations for Implementing Adaptive Case Management”. In this highly informative article Mr. Pucher discusses the scientific findings that show the obsolescence of flowcharted business process models. At the same time he reveals how businesses can use technology to drive innovation and create effective customer outcomes.

Mr. Pucher emphasizes again his firm commitment for placing human aspects over simplified cost optimization in process management and strongly advocates empowerment and intrinsic motivation for the improvement of cost/quality ratios. These principles are also reflected in his practical achievements as Chief Architect and mastermind behind the innovative Papyrus Platform.  He designed the core technology with a business architecture repository, distributed object-oriented transaction engine, and embedded object-relational database. He holds several software patents in the area of artificial intelligence for the so-called user-trained agent, a machine learning component for auto-discovery of process knowledge.

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