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Enhancing Interaction, Collaboration, and Innovation

In general on January 26, 2011 at 10:12 am

For any organization with a high amount of knowledge workers in their workforce the improvement of their effectiveness is paramount. Their jobs are mostly characterized by interaction and collaboration—with other employees, customers, and suppliers—and complex decision making based on knowledge and experience and are regarded as high-value activities, which are of growing importance for mature developed economies to maintain an innovative and competitive edge.

Yet the understanding of knowledge work itself and how those engaged in such work perform their tasks is generally fairly poor. This is partly due to the diverse nature of these tasks as compared to production or clerical work. An individual’s knowledge is highly erratic and hazy and the reasoning for judgment is mostly made up ex post. Therefore most so-called knowledge management initiatives have rendered at best mixed results and their efficiency appears to decrease specifically with the number of business units, departments, functional roles, and application silos involved and generally with the size of an organization. Only lately the idea comes to fruition that the whole concept of knowledge management is elusive and that it all boils down to removing barriers of information that exist internally and externally across organizations, their customers, partners, and suppliers and consolidating real-time data, content, business context and rules, processes, and goals in transparent views with customizable GUIs to enhance the user experience and provide a single launchpad for knowledgeable staff to use their expertise to enhance interaction, collaboration and innovation and increase their productivity.

The vision behind Adaptive Case Management from ISIS Papyrus acknowledges the fact that the most effective and efficient way of using people’s talent and skills for productive business outcomes is essentially empowerment to use these assets to the fullest. Papyrus ACM supports knowledge workers uniquely to apply their abilities for case resolution and process execution to secure customer loyalty in complex situations that cannot be resolved by rigidly planned processes or mere delegation or rerouting of tasks. This includes the creation of processes, goals, and milestones by business users and the option to subsequently save them as templates for sharing the experience and knowledge across the enterprise.

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