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Is Social a Cure to All Enterprise Ills?

In general, key function on January 11, 2011 at 5:42 am

Despite years of investing significant time and effort in all kinds of fragmented enterprise applications many large organizations continue to face some fundamental challenges when it comes to human interaction and collaboration. Many business processes are still manual, resource-intensive operations that are typically resolved via numerous emails, faxes, and phone calls. As these operations involve basically human interaction of some sort they lend themselves to be tagged “social”, which currently seems to be a panacea for enterprise solutions that otherwise lag the capability of  closed-loop-communication.

The promise of social enterprise solutions is to help fill the gap that exists between manual and transactional business processes and to enable real-time response to customers or suppliers and to optimize business relationships with online collaboration.

However, so-called social add-ons to any form of enterprise application don’t automatically result in a “social workplace” but in the generation of a huge amount of additional data that is pretty much useless for the business and its relationships with customers and partners if that relationship cannot be built and fostered by any other means. Real-time response to customers and suppliers is not achieved by any social channel but rather by an underlying system that allows a consolidated approach to all business communication, its context and the related business processes. On the contrary, most of social media “data”, or rather, flurry, flows into functional silos, thus creating additional sub-silos and further eluding true collaboration and an effective closed-loop communication.

The underlying problem of social media interactions is that they lack business context and goals. Therefore the Papyrus Platform from ISIS Papyrus handles social interactions only as elements of a case to provide a consolidated view of all customer-related data and content. While at the same time doing away with artificially created fragmentation the Papyrus Platform offers a holistic approach to integrated business communication and collaborative capabilities and enables business users to create their own processes with leading edge machine-learning technology to fulfill strategic business goals within predefined business rules.

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