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ISIS Chief Architect Speaks at Forrester’s

In event on October 1, 2010 at 2:46 am

ISIS Papyrus Founder and Chief Architect Max J. Pucher will hold one of his famed addresses at this year’s Business Process & Application Delivery Forum hosted by Forrester Research. Mr. Pucher is one of the pioneers of a new paradigm on how to approach knowledge work in modern collaborative enterprise settings and how to view relations between business users and IT.

Besides having written a number of literary works, Max J. Pucher has also co-authored an influentual book on Adaptive Case Management (ACM) called “Mastering the Unpredictable”. The principles laid out in this volume are reflected in his practical achievements as Chief Architect and mastermind behind the innovative Papyrus Platform.  He designed the core technology with a business architecture repository, distributed object-oriented transaction engine, and embedded object-relational database. He holds several software patents in the area of artificial intelligence for the so-called user-trained agent, a machine learning component for auto-discovery of process knowledge.

Mr. Pucher also runs a popular blog where he airs his views about current trends in IT with a mixture of  in-depth analysis, well-rounded arguments and subtle humor. The blog also provides more detailed information about the concept of ACM, which makes orthodox business process management (BPM) as much obsolete as standalone ECM and CRM. Moreover, it shows Mr. Pucher’s firm commitment for placing human aspects before cost optimization aspects in process management and strongly advocates empowerment and intrinsic motivation for the improvement of cost/quality ratios.

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