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White Paper on Adaptive Case Management

In hot tip, markets on September 7, 2010 at 7:00 am

In a joint effort ISIS Papyrus and AIIM present a new white paper to the general public which is probably the first of its kind to cover the topic of Adaptive Case Management in comparable depth.

We took the opportunity to talk to one of the first readers of this document who happens to be a process manager at a large financial institution. His comments were as follows: “This is a really valuable paper. We’ve been impressed by the hands-on approach which actually tells us what ACM is all about and where you can get with it in real-world applications.”

“You know, so far we viewed ACM as little more than yet another three-letter acronym with a lofty theory behind it to spur sales and we couldn’t really see any practical value for our day-to-day business. But now everything appears to go together with what we are doing to service our customers and suddenly it makes perfect sense.”

“For the first time I understood the rigidity of certain processes which we apply in our organization that we created with our BPM tool and what case management can do to overcome this shortcoming by allowing us to share all our customer-related communications across departments and with outside partners and how many resources we are currently wasting by cumbersome workarounds and manual processing to which we thought there were no alternatives.”

“But then again you see that you are not alone with the trouble you have in managing a great variety of data from different sources and organizing it all in a collaborative setting and hopefully there will be more related information available when businesses start to rethink how they go about their most sensitive assets, that is their customer data and what customers actually tell them about themselves across all media channels.”

To get your own insights about ACM and to learn how other organizations handle the issues and opportunities when it comes to dynamically managing exceptions or ad-hoc processes you can download a copy of this groundbreaking research from the ISIS Papyrus website.

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