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Adaptive Case Management – In Other Words

In general on July 22, 2010 at 2:20 am

Recently there has been a TweetJam about Adaptive Case Management with the authors of the most authoritative book on the topic, “Mastering the Unpredictable”. This event is just another indication of the growing momentum and impact of adaptive processes on the notion how to manage knowledge work–that is, opportunistic and unpredictable activities emerging from daily practice–in modern workplaces with the help of innovative IT solutions.

For those who have missed this interesting discussion we have collected some of the highlights:

  • frijswijk: One important observation i made last 2 weeks. The Business User doesn´t care about models, finds it way to complex. #acmjam
  • maxjpucher: ACM needs adaptive models at runtime: DATA – CONTENT – RULES – GOALS – ACTORS #acmjam
  • ronaldrotteveel: @maxjpucher I think it’s mainly out of fear. ACM requires you to give your workforce more or even total empowerment. #acmjam
  • swensonkeith: @passion4process – need to understand the connection and the difference between ACM and BPM. Let’s make it clear if we can #acmjam
  • maxjpucher: @nathanielpalmer ACM is a consolidation of ECM, CRM, BPM, BRM and some BI. #acmjam
  • cmooreforrester: the established human-centric vendors that focus on structured work NEED to embrace ACM, because that is how work really gets done #acmjam
  • JoshuaWaldman:  @piewords so it’s a people first approach to processes. I dig it. #acmjam
  • cmooreforrester: my pet peeve about process is when work is carved into little bitty pieces and passed around like a factory automation line #acmjam #bpm
  • maxjpucher: @swensonkeith Disagree, compliance in ACM does need the OPTION for control. If X is not Y then set status ‘Not compliant’ #acmjam
  • maxjpucher: @passion4process No methodology needed. Just the right technology that supports adaptive models and adaptive execution. #acmjam

While these tweets are just a synopsis to give a short flavor of what ACM is about you may want to learn more about it by either reading the book mentioned earlier or visiting the blog of Max J. Pucher, Chief Architect of ISIS Papyrus, who frequently addresses ACM issues and has done so even before the term or acronym were coined. For more information on real-world solutions to ACM you may also visit the ISIS Papyrus homepage.

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