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Speeding Claims to Closure with Papyrus

In benefits on April 2, 2010 at 3:00 am

The primary benefits of the Papyrus Platform are gained from empowering business users to serve customers as individuals while conforming to business rules and process requirements. In a recently implemented insurance claims handling application one business user described the improvements this way:

“To handle an insurance claim is not a simple straight line from start to finish. It involves various documents, communication with the customer, the claim assessment, contract data, and many others. We have all of those data and incoming documents in business applications since a number of years but I had to access multiple systems, write letters and emails and keep track of deadlines in my calender. Collaborating with colleagues and partners was not supported in any way.”

“In recent years there have been discussions to create predefined business process templates but those efforts failed because of the complexity of claims handling.”

“With the claims handling case management created in Papyrus I have the best of all worlds. I have access to all the contract data and documents in existing systems, as well as my emails, outgoing documents, claims handling rules, calender dates, collaboration with others are all in one place. There is no rigid process I have to follow, but the system guides me to complete certain activities and checks for completeness of all data and documents. I can collaborate with anyone including dynamic assignment of work items. Papyrus keeps a complete track of all communication threads, emails, notes and memorandums. All outgoing documents are stored as templates that automatically pull in the necessary business data from our insurance system. That is completely transparent to me and I do not have to know how this works.”

“If I have the need for more functionality, I can create new text elements for my documents at any time and have them verified by the responsible department. My letters are countersigned by the department head before they are sent to the customer by either letter, fax or email. Before I had to type the letter in MS-Word and print it myself. Other documents were done in two different insurance applications. Now they are all in one place!”

“The administrator of our department can add new case handling rules, create new data entry forms, new work activities and assign them to our library when we need them. My workplace look and feel I can define myself without needing anyone from the IT department.”

One of the most effective features is the global INBOX that I use to manage all my work. All reminders from the insurance system, my emails, requests from colleagues, calender events, and the outstanding activities of the claims handling are in one place only.

“The case management application we created with Papyrus saves me a substantial amount if time and I can service our customers substantially faster. Most of all there is much less danger of necessary activities being missed or delayed.”

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