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Major Remake of ISIS Website

In general on February 26, 2010 at 1:52 am

For those who haven’t already noticed the ISIS Papyrus website is currently undergoing a major remake with exciting new features and brand new content highlighting the scope of ISIS Papyrus products and solutions.

First of all, the site displays new graphical and multimedia content for enhanced navigation and a more appealing user experience. Now you can not only read of what amazing applications the Papyrus Platform is capable of, you can also view first-hand presentations delivered by the experts from ISIS Papyrus.

But it just doesn’t stop there. As the ISIS Times has successfully shown there is a growing demand for multilingual content. To satisfy the trend towards localization in an increasingly globalized world the ISIS Papyrus website will soon be available in several other languages. This will cater for a continuously growing audience around the world eager to discover the technological edge of ISIS Papyrus.

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