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Reaping Benefits From Green IT

In general, solution on October 15, 2009 at 1:50 am

Considering that according to some sources a typical office worker uses some 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year there are serious concerns about how to reduce the environmental and economic impact of this fact. Being able to deliver and store records and documents in electronic form is considerably more environmentally friendly compared to paper. Organizations are realizing that process improvements and the move from paper to electronic processes results in green benefits, such as energy savings in paper production, distribution, usage and disposition, and transit through the postal system. Other prerequisites for a greener approach in document management include:

  • Strategic approach to document management efforts
  • Consolidation of applications and multiple isolated systems
  • Usage of content-enabled vertical applications to automate complex processes
  • Reduction of wasted server time in running duplicated information

The solution lies therefore in an approach that spans the enterprise across departmental and functional barriers and in empowering users to actively create processes which connect people, information and applications across geographically distributed, organizational functions.

The Papyrus Platform with its unique business architecture delivers exactly that and helps companies to successfully leverage electronic communication with customers, partners and within their organization. Papyrus manages the complete inbound and outbound content and consolidates the related processes through a central repository without the need for manual intervention. Using straight-through processing (STP) to its full potential organizations cannot only save costs and run their business more effectively but also contribute to offset the carbon dioxide footprint.

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