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Using Consolidated Processes For Enhanced Customer Experience

In solution on October 1, 2009 at 1:44 am

For all companies with high-volume document throughput enterprise output management is critical in a number of ways. There is not only concern about cost but also the growing awareness of the importance of a consolidated approach to content and processes. At the same time businesses discover the potential for enhanced customer experience and revenue growth lying in highly personalized, full color interactive and on-demand documents with consistent multi-channel delivery.

It is a known fact that people become more and more annoyed by impersonal mass mailings and random promotional materials ignoring their individual context and personal preferences. At the same time people do care about transactional documents of all sorts such as statements and bills. Therefore it is obvious to combine the attention for the latter with highly personalized communication that considers all available knowledge about an individual customer. A precondition for this approach is to provide a consolidated and transparent view of all the customer data and the capability to link all business data and processes to the required content.

ISIS Papyrus solutions combine all these requirements by providing data analysis and integration, advanced document composition and creation, enterprise output management and secure archiving for the efficient, cost-effective and reliable delivery of mission-critical business documents across all output channels.

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