ISIS Papyrus Software

Automating Inbound Communications

In solution on September 29, 2009 at 1:03 am

The great variety and huge amount of incoming documents in many businesses involves a large effort of manual intervention and subsequent data entry. These processes are not only time consuming but also highly error prone. Some studies reported that up to 75% of all documents received and manually keyed into a data collection system contained some type of error. Using capture solutions from ISIS Papyrus for automated document processing substantially increases speed and accuracy.

Papyrus Capture transforms paper documents into images and meta data. The images are associated with case files and automatically routed through business processes by user-trained or user-defined rules. Papyrus Capture provides high-capacity document capture with multiple scanning stations in distributed mail room configurations. Papyrus Capture uses automatic classification of images without human intervention through the following steps:

  • Acquisition
  • Index & data classification
  • Extraction
  • Validation
  • Distribution
  • Case management
  • Archiving

Papyrus Capture reduces the throughput time and acquisition effort of inbound documents and delivers relevant information faster and with more reliability. It provides secure archiving and quick retrieval and includes flexible case management to optimize business processes.

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