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Automated Customer Communications With A Personal Touch

In general, solution on September 22, 2009 at 1:38 am

For organizations with high-volume production of customer communications it is vital to have efficient and cost-effective processes in place. ISIS Papyrus solutions have long addressed this need to leverage mission-critical transactional document production and provided global enterprise clients among others with the following benefits:

  • Cost reduction and ensured compliance
  • Seamless integration with existing applications
  • Centralized management of all document resources
  • Job level control functions for all printers across all platforms
  • Intelligent document routing and scheduling
  • Secure e-billing and e-presentment

However, with the increasing notion that transactional documents are a valuable touchpoint with customers they are viewed differently than before. Organizations are becoming more and more aware that customers respond to personalized documents decisively better than to generic messages inserted in their mail or sent out in bulk. Therefore data integration and analytics, advanced document composition, a single customer view and closed-loop processes to measure customer response become increasingly important.

Again ISIS Papyrus addresses this need to integrate large-scale document production with highly efficient campaigns to streamline all organizational processes for customer-facing documents. ISIS Papyrus has developed various quick-start Application Frameworks that allow the enterprise to achieve fundamental goals of creating and expanding customer loyalty, increasing revenue and optimize operations. ISIS Papyrus Frameworks consist of standard software components and can therefore be easily integrated without costly customization to deliver the following benefits:

  • Approach defined target groups with 1:1 personalized mail shots
  • Design sophisticated promotions reflecting the interest of the recipient
  • Achieve shorter time-to-market and promotional cycles
  • Enable campaign management and customer care processes
  • Improve efficiency within the direct marketing activities
  • Optimize customer contact center service delivery
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