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TransPromo: Enhancing The Customer Experience And Saving Costs

In solution on September 9, 2009 at 7:41 am

The advantages of TransPromo as a strategic marketing instrument in terms of customer retention, loyalty and increased revenue are widely recognized today. The TransPromo solutions from ISIS Papyrus have helped large organizations for over a decade to create highly personalized targeted promotional messages in transaction documents like bank statements, phone bills and invoices. With full color onserts they deliver attractive documents with timely and relevant information and save on paper and postage.

The Papyrus Campaign/TransPromo Manager provides all the tools to easily take integrated customer communications one step further and add more touchpoints to enhance the user experience and to create real multi-channel campaigns for further cost savings. Papyrus draws on an organization’s data from various information silos and brings together customer purchase history, CRM data, marketing and sales resources, customer credit history and native language for effective messaging in print, via e-mail or for Web presentment.

The automated response workflow then allows to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign and triggers appropriate responses. Customer representatives have a single view of all customer-related documents and processes and can dedicate their efforts completely to customer-facing issues.

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