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ISIS Shows Innovations in Paris

In event on August 18, 2009 at 7:55 am

In a series of events during the coming fall ISIS Papyrus will show its innovative costumer communication and process management solutions at the Forum des Acteurs du Numérique (FAN – Forum of Digital Actors) in the French capital Paris on September 29-30.

Among the featured products and solutions will be Papyrus EYE, which empowers business users with a Web-enabled, centrally managed GUI offering the same layout and functionality as desktop applications without additional coding. Papyrus EYE is a unified RIA (Rich Internet Application) platform for all kind of applications that cover capture (scan, verify, manual correction, manual classification), document output management (interactive documents, web-to-print, campaign management and on-demand) and document management, as well as archiving, records management, case management, Automated Document Factory and management information.

Other highlights will include the unique ISIS Papyrus Business Architecture that provides seamless consolidation of freely-definable processes, rules, GUI, forms, and inbound and outbound content objects. This concept provides for transparent process optimization by user adaptation, linking people, information, and applications across geographically distributed, organizational functions and allowing business users to fulfill the strategic goals of the enterprise.

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