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ISIS Presents Electronic Invoicing Solutions

In event on August 14, 2009 at 6:13 am

European EXPP Summit & Forum to be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands

ISIS Papyrus will be present at the European Congress for E-Invoicing & E-Billing from September 21-23 in Amsterdam and show its innovative consolidated solutions for enterprise presentment and invoicing operations.

Organizers Billentis stress the importance of the event. “An organisation can save 1-2% of their turnover by replacing paper invoices and optimising the related processes. Electronic and automated invoice processes can result in savings of 60-80% compared to traditional paper based processing. Thus the payback time on investments in E-Invoicing projects can be as short as six months, ” explains Bruno Koch, one of Europe’s pioneers in E-Invoicing and founder of the European EXPP Summit. “In 2008, roughly 1 million European businesses and 23 million consumers exchanged one billion electronic invoices. Every day in 2009, 1,200 businesses and 11,000 consumers are expected to become new E-Invoicing users.”

ISIS Papyrus will showcase its unique Papyrus Platform and demonstrate its process optimization capabilities for outbound invoice generation and inbound invoice processing through scanning, classification, extraction, manual correction, reconciliation against purchase orders and of course connecting with other systems, like for example with SAP using the iDoc standard.

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