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ISIS Papyrus at European TransPromo Summit

In event on August 11, 2009 at 4:09 am

It is time to mark the calendars again. ISIS Papyrus with its proven expertise in TransPromo messaging will be present as sponsor at the European TransPromo Summit to be held in Brussels on October 6-7 this year. The event, organized by InfoTrends and 4IT Group, will bring together vendors, print service providers, and corporate marketing executives and users for 2 days of information sharing, insight into best practices through real world examples, and peer-to-peer networking. In addition, attendees will be able to meet with industry-leading vendors and service providers during the dedicated technology showcases.

“ISIS Papyrus carries a tradition of excellence in meeting customer requirements based on a unique insight into the customer-to-employee, employee-to-content and content-to-process relationships that are critical to the effectiveness of TransPromo programs,” commented Enrico Barboglio, President of 4IT Group. “Learning how they develop and deliver consolidated customer communications and process optimization solutions for their global expertise in unifying marketing messages and business content for high-impact customer communications enterprise organizations will be a great benefit to conference attendees.”

“ISIS Papyrus software connects enterprises with their customers by producing more financial and telecom documents than any other vendor in the European Union. ISIS Papyrus designed the TransPromo Manager with robust capabilities that leverage transactional processes to enhance customer acquisition, growth and retention for global enterprises,” commented Max J. Pucher, founder and current Chief Architect of ISIS Papyrus Software. “As proud sponsors of the European TransPromo Summit, we look forward to sharing real-world solutions for user-guided, personalized promotions that deliver multi-channel customer response, faster campaign cycles and optimal efficiency.”

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