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Invitation to the Open House 2009

In event, general on March 18, 2009 at 6:44 pm

ISIS Papyrus invites once again to its well-respected Open House and User Conference. These events are held in Vienna (AT), Dallas (US), Kingsclere (UK), and Ivrea (IT). Once again there will be five ways to participate: Speeches, Workshops, Hands-On Demos, Case Studies and Group Discussions. Dates and more information on the ISIS Website.

Chief Architect Max J. Pucher will most likely entertain the audience with his politically incorrect views. Like a proud vintner he personally vouches for the quality of his 2009 vintage of Papyrus V7 with the fine undertones of the latest features. Papyrus EYE is likely to be his most amazing creation as it enables the setup of business defined GUIs in just a few days. That even includes dynamic graphics, tables, charts, and dashboards. The subject of his keynote speech will be the impact of an enterprise business architecture. He proposes that it enables the consolidation of BPM, CRM, ECM, BPM and BI without the need for SOA (that can be used for further backend apps). EYE should however not push the amazing User-Trained Agent on a sideline.

Questioned on the impact of the crisis, CEO Annemarie Pucher said: ‘We can all be frightened by the media into deepening the recession by doing nothing. Neither bailouts nor regulation will stabilize the economy but just a faith in the future. This is what we want to convey!’

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